Blind Reaction to Episode 1 The God of High school

Hello, my wonderful weebs! I did something different and I went and watched the first episode of The god of high school and wrote notes, I did a blind reaction and I’m so glad I did because it was such a surprise to see what this anime had to offer with no knowledge of what was going on or what was happening.

Let’s get this party started!

Let’s first start with the beginning of the episode where three men are on vacation on an island, from the words they’re saying and their smug faces they are up to no good.

but that doesn’t last long when they begin to blackmail someone but because of they a freak storm comes to the island and in the end, the island is destroyed and the three men are killed, the weird thing about it is the strange symbol embedded into the ground of the island almost like a X.

One of the men was on the phone to someone and this man has the same symbol on the back of his hand, this leads me to think it had something to do with their demise and I had a feeling it wasn’t the last we were going to see of him.

The scene then cuts to a boy sleeping, I have seen promotional photo’s and the face on the trailer up above I believe he will be the main character of this show, I am a big fan of Robbie Daymond and hearing his voice as Mori Jin made me very happy as Robbie never really gets lead role’s with exception of God Eater’s Lenka Utsugi and Koutetsujou no Kabaneri’s Ikoma.

Mori ends up sleeping in after a weird dream about his grandfather and starts freaking out, getting dressed, and grabbing his bike he rushes to school, because of this he ends swerving so he didn’t hit one of Neighbour and ends up hitting a railing and falling off this hill, usually this would kill a normal human but somehow he grabs his bike in midair and ends up on his bike and hitting the ground like it never happened.

This anime is set in Souel as the next scene cuts to a bunch of people watching something on their laptops with the word Souel on it, this leads me to believe that this anime is a webtoon just like the series Tower of God.

There seems to be some kind of fighting competition and whoever we meet has something to do with this competition. We are then taken to a convenience store where we meet another character who seemed to have worked a night shift before the big day, he then proceeds to the ally behind his work to count his cash he sighs and says about how he has to make extra cash, I wonder what he would need the cash for that badly?

this also means he is also another main character, It then occurs to me that whoever we meet before the fighting starts means there going to be involved with the storyline one way or another.

we next meet a girl who seems to be lost when she comes across some martial artists and becomes obsessed with their muscles, this reminds me of Gou from Iwatobi Swim Club.

We then go back to Mori who is cycling to work but also complaining that he was hungry and hoping the arena would have concession stands, when he witnesses a lady get her purse snatched by a man on a motorcycle he turns back around and starts chasing after him, this leads me to believe he is one of those warriors of justice types, I think this might have to do with his grandpa?

But also in his head, he had an unrealistic scene which also leads me to believe he isn’t all that right in the head. While this is happening a man who seems to be wrapping his live steaming himself while walking down the street, I have no idea what this has to do with the episode itself?

This really isn’t one of your semi-normal high school anime’s, from what I’ve seen so far, characters are going to be slightly above average as Mori throws his bike under a truck, proceeds to jump over this truck and land back on his bike, this is not normal! but it looked cool though.

Mori then loses the motorcyclist but then uses the back of a ramp truck to fly into the air and land next to him again which freaks the motorcyclist out. Mori doesn’t look where he’s going and ends up flying into the girl we met earlier and knocks her into the bins and breaks her glasses, the girl gets super angry, throws what looks likes to be a sword of some kind.

As she tries to beat him up for breaking her glasses then explains what he had been trying to do after explaining the fake story he made in his head, the girl agrees to tag team and they ride after the motorcyclist together with the girl standing behind him on the bike.

The boy we met earlier is heading towards the marina as he watches on the Man’s live feed that we saw earlier where he hears about the bag snatching and as the other two fail and the girl ends up face planting into the sign as she tries to stop the motorcyclist

in the end, the other boy smashes into the motorcyclist with his fist sending the guy flying through the air.

This scene where all 3 of them meet makes me believe that they are all going to be good friends.

After a short clip showing them riding to the school sort of like in a game like a scenario we then arrive at the arena where the commentator looks like Igor from Persona5

We watch all 3 characters become friends in the changing rooms along with Mori Jin we have Dae-Wi Han and Mi-Ra Yu.

The rules for this competition were all follow

  1. There are no restrictions on how they fight, every martial arts is allowed and weapons are permitted
  2. win either by knocking out the opponent or getting them to surrender

At time code 16 mintues and 16 seconds, we see the logo for webtoon, webtoon which confirms my suspicions that this anime is a webtoon like Tower of God

The Winner of the competition gets a wish granted I assume each character has there own reasons to win. First-round seems to be a battle royal and each player has been injected with nano bites that monitor their bodies during the fights, it also lets them heal after all fights are concluded. Each Player has a ranking and other players can see it too.

This is their way of showing us which characters are going to be the main focus as the story progresses, contestants join on stage.

everyone begins to fight because they can see each other’s rankings most of them start fighting others that are weaker this is the way to show us the stronger characters who the rest of the story will be based on.

Mi seems to be a master of kendo or some other form of sword practice, as or Mori and Dae-wi I’m not particularly sure what king of martial arts they are using but Mori ends up punching someone out of the ring and throw him into the wall that makes a mini-explosion.

It seems that Mori wants a rematch with one of the administrators as apparently that had fought previously, I’m excited to see how this plans out.

All of a sudden another contestant is put into the ring, from the words he says were lead to believe he is a convict or some sort of prisoner but also because his hands are bound, this also might be because he doesn’t think others are worthy to be taken out by him using his full power.

Mi begins to fight him, but because she no longer has her glasses he takes her sword and teases her with it, Mi begins to use a special move with knocks him out slightly but when she kicks him he regains control and begins to creep her out, while this is happening Mori somehow gets a hold of the sword and begins pulling down the other guys pants.

The other guy gets angry and proceeds to throw Mori out of the ring but just in a split second Mori elbows his foot and damages it, only a few people were able to see what he did.

because of that, they begin to properly fight, and then that’s where the episode cuts out.

For a very first episode, they don’t explain a lot, a lot of the episode is wasted on the beginning part which I found very funny.

I am very excited to see what the rest of the show has to offer.

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