Noblesse First Impression (Episodes 1-5)

Good evening my beautiful weebs!

This week just gone, I started watching Noblesse and a few other things I have been saving on my computer!

And I am here to give another first impression since only 5 episodes have been released so far 😊

Lately, there have been a lot of Korean webtoons on air like Tower of God and The god of high school and I can honestly say I’m loving them! And Noblesse is no different!

You start the series with awakening that was released back in 2016 and I feel really sorry for the folks who watched it back then, as it never continued with the story and you felt betrayed that you only got around 25 minutes of a story that really didn’t explain anything and it got you wanting more…

For me at least.

You get the main character that is incredibly strong but knows nothing about normal life, his subordinate runs a school which really doesn’t surprise me, you have the problem child and his friends which really brings the whole story into perspective and surprise surprise its always the friends that get into the most trouble

The show itself takes its sweet time explaining things which I particularly don’t like as I felt really confused from Awakening all the way to either episode 3 or 4.

If you haven’t started watching this show the lowdown is there are modified humans with weird kind of powers, there is a bad group called the Union and the good group that resides in a high school but even though half of them don’t even realise it.

You always find that the main character always has to be the one to save the others but from what I’ve seen the other mains know how to fight but when it comes to people that I hardly would call human it’s hard for them to win.

The main character acknowledges his friends and their strengths, and I think this is why he would go so far to save them even though it’s not a big feat for him as he is the strongest. What I also love about this main character that he’s quiet and mysterious and not much is known about him and that is why I will continue to watch as I want to know more.

We also meet people like the main character but what I find funny is they don’t realise who he is even though he gives off a similar air to themselves.

This show reminds me so much of vampire knight in so many ways but is in nowhere close to being the same (mainly because at first I thought this was about vampires aha). Despite all seriousness of the story’s plot, this show is so light-hearted and I found myself laughing a few times at the events unfolding in front of me.

I am so excited to see what the rest of the show has to offer!

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