My 5 candidates to be my husbando

So Yesterday us Ani Bloggers on Twitter thanks to Scott over at @MechAnimeReview decided it would be fun to share our husbando list!

Even though in my personal life I am 100% Lesbian that does not exclude my faviroute male anime characters that I wouldnt mind marrying 😉

Without Further a do! Let’s start 😉

Shinya Kogami

First of with the one Shinya Kogami, I guess you could say Psycho pass was one of my very firsts anime to try along with Black Butler and Tokyo Ghoul. I fell in love with Kogami because under that broken and very hard exterior 😉 I love his English voice actor Robert Mocollum and when the movie came out I had to watch in sub, I then fell deeply in love with his Japanese voice and he just stayed in my heart forever ❤

Shinmon Benimaru

When Fire force came onto our screens last year I was immediately drawn in by the fact its graphics were so similar to Soul Eater and luckily enough they both have the same writer Atsushi Ōkubo who is a genius I might add! I feel in love with Fire house Seven’s captain Sinmon Benimaru the first time shinra and the others headed over to there jurisdiction, it was his eyes and cold attitude that lit a fire in my soul.

Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian has been my number 1 since I was 15 years old and I will never let him go! His grace, his sexiness, his anger, his tenderness is why Sebastian will have a special place in my heart always, and I wouldn’t say no to a little pampering off him if I do say myself 😉

Daisuke Kanbe

Daisuke has been a recent addition to my list, I am very much enjoying Millionaire Detective and I think it is a great show, I can honestly say I absolutely hated Daisuke until up to episode he didn’t want to go home and ended up getting drunk with Haru and was so adorable when he was found asleep in the bathtub, my whole entire attitude towards him changed! I could definitely see myself marrying into a wealthy Japanese family 😉

Kaname Kuran

and my final man has to be a blast from the past, yes its the vampire Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight. Ezra Weisz’s voice and Kaname’s features and character makes my heart a flutter just thinking about re-watching this all time faviroute show.

I would defiantly fight Yuki for this man

and there you have it five male anime characters that have there ways of making my heart flutter ❤

Stay tuned and watch out for my wifu list coming your way 😉

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