The Misfit of Demon King Academy

I just finished this fantastic 13-episode series, The Misfit of demon Academy and I have to say its one of the top contenders for my faviroute anime the summer season.

Without a further a do, lets get on with the review, shall we?


In the distant past, a war between humans and demons brought about widespread chaos and bloodshed. To put an end to this seemingly endless conflict, Demon King Anos Voldigoad willingly sacrificed his life, hoping to be reborn in a peaceful future.

In preparation for their king’s return, the demon race created the Demon King Academy, an elite institution tasked with determining Anos’ identity when he reawakens. He reincarnates two millennia later, but to his surprise, he soon learns that the level of magic in the world has drastically waned during his absence. Moreover, when he enrolls at the academy to reclaim his rightful title, he finds out that demonkind remembers him differently. His personality, his deeds, and even his legacy are all falsified—masked beneath the name of an impostor. This “lack” of common knowledge renders him the academy’s outlier—a misfit never before seen in history.

Despite these drawbacks, Anos remains unfazed. As he sets out to uncover those altering his glorious past, he takes it upon himself to make his descendants recognize that their ruler has finally returned.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opening and Ending


Unforuently even though I love watching this week after week, the opening just got skipped, it doesn’t really stand out as much as openings like ReZero’s “Redo” by Konomi Suzuki who has a similar opening sequence but is just a better song.

There is definitely nothing wrong with Misfit of demon kings academy’s opening I just wont be adding it to my playlist any time soon.


There is nothing much I can say with this ending… we’ll just leave it that shall we 😉


When I first put on this anime I went, okay let’s watch this with an open mind, with a just a few minutes in I thought okay its going to be one of those “Main character is obviously stronger than everyone else but because he isn’t royal he’s not going to be accepted and he’s going to be real cocky about it” but the more I watched the more I was drawn in!

Of course the royals think there better than everyone else but what made me keep watching that things weren’t as it seemed, as Anos’s past was erased and not that he didn’t hide who he truly was and obviously don’t believe him.

When Anos’s got close to the Necron twins I was like ‘okay, this is going to be a battle between the sisters who would get to be his wife’ and it wasn’t! they believed in him but not once did I see any groping or touchy feely not even once and I loved every second because I feel like we get so much of that nower days. (examples like high school dxd)

This anime to me was a brilliant thing to watch because I didn’t despise the plot not even once, it was a story of power of friendship and family and that’s why I give the story a


The Characters

Anos is the obvious main character, dub voiced by Aleks, Le. I have only heard him in demon slayer as Zenitzu and I have to say he couldn’t have done it better myself.  I didn’t even realise it was him until I looked it up because Aleks was definitely not sounding like Zenitzu at all.

Anos’s voice was deep and that co-insides that the fact that Anos is the demon king, I love that the main character is not only powerful but cares about his friends, Anos sacrificed himself 2,000 years ago to bring peace but when he came back it wasn’t all as it seems.

Misha and Sasha now their story was the best one, two sisters, one all big and powerful and despising the other sister who loves the other even though she doesn’t back. What truly got me was the reason one sister hated the other.

Both Kayli and Brianna did a fantastic job voicing the girls and I definitely felt the emotion.

The appearance of Lay had my mind racing, I knew something wasn’t right when he showed up, a character showing up halfway through meant something big was going down and I was right. I loved his character development and that he ended up with someone special at the end.

I wouldn’t never thought half of the thing went down would go down and this is what made this show a fantastic one, but it always had you on the end of your seat while routing for these main characters.

Overall opinion

I’m giving The Misfit at demon king academy a 9/10 and this why.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this anime and it had plenty of surprises compared to the other anime’s I’ve watched during lockdown it isn’t special enough to warrant as 10/10.

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