5 Underrated anime everyone should watch at least once

1. Log Horizon

Let’s start with Log Horizon!

If you have ever watched sword art online and hated it? Then Log Horizon will definitely get you liking stuck in game animes again.

This light novel anime has 2 seasons and a 3rd one coming in Januauary 2021 and each season is 24-25 episodes long and let me tell you, you wont be disappointed!

When logging into Elder tales after a update, Shiroe, Akatsuki, Naotsugu and friends are now stuck in the avatars and can’t leave the game.

Now stuck in the game Shiroe and his friends must find a way to live in the city of Akihabara and get along with the new and approved NPC’s who now are people of the land with there own thoughts and feelings but also learn of a way to get out of the game.

2. Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood is definatly not given the credit it desveres and everyone should watch this anime at least once.

This light novel anime made its way into animation back in 2005 with 24 episodes.

Following the adventures of Priest Abel Nightroad, who also happens to be a vampire working for the Vatican under a team called The AX Unit, working together with his colleagues to find a way that vampires and humans can coexist with each other but also battle evil who don’t wish that to happen.

3. The Wallflower

If you have never heard of the wallflower yet? well you have now!

This 25 episode anime came to us back in 2006.

If you like a bit of humour with getting scared out of your pants, this is the anime for you. Following Sunako forced to live in a house with four handsome men (aha yeah no 😉 ) Sunako unfortunately had a bad rejection from a boy calling her ugly, and she decided she would literally not care what she would look like and would shut herself off forever.

Living with the boys, she goes through the challenges as her aunt tells the boys if they can turn her into a respectable lady their rent would be free, I kid, you not the whole series was spent them crying for their mamma’s and Sunako turning to a small little child.

4. Death Parade

This Orignial anime came out in Winter 2015 and I love the opening for this, “Flyers” by BRADIO makes you get up and dance and I love that in an anime opening.

After death, where is it we go? This anime gives the chance to humans to save their lives by playing games, whether it, be darts that hurt vital organs or bowling that does damages to the heart, you fight a stranger or someone you know for your lives but what if you’re already dead? And someone has to sort out whether you’re going to heaven or hell?

K: Project

This fablous original anime has two seasons a movie and a bunch of OVA’s but It never gets the credit it deserves

The show follows Kings with special powers all with their own colours Makoto Suho (Red King), Reishi Munakata (Blue king) etc, from the first season to the movie to the second season they all have their own story lines but ultimately come into one.

Each King has their own clansmen and their own territory. The Season starts when one of the lieutenants of the red king is killed and all they have to go on is a video with a teenage boy calling himself the colourless king, a battle starts within the city as Mikoto (red) goes on a rampage and Reishi (Blue) has to put a stop to him, but is there more to the story that meets the eye?

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