My 5 Favourite Detective Conan Movies

So during the Christmas period I did a lot of Conan watching because I absolutely love this anime that has just as many episodes as One Piece and has 23 almost 24 movies.

Sometimes I wonder why has this anime gone on for this long? what was the appeal and I’m going to give you my top 5 favourite Conan movies!

5. Movie 2 The Fourteenth Target

Released: 1998


A mysterious attacker has appeared and is assaulting people whose names contain a number from the standard deck of cards in descending order. When Conan Edogawa points out that all the victims are related to the now famous detective Kogorou Mouri, suspicion immediately falls upon the recently released convict Jou Murakami, as Kogorou was the one responsible for his arrest ten years prior.

With potential victims still at risk, Conan and the police are determined to catch the culprit. As the case gradually unfolds, both Conan and his friend Ran Mouri learn more about her parents’ separation and the truth on what transpired a decade ago.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]


The first 6 movies are in english and I do enjoy these movies. The reason why the Fourteenth Target is at number 5, It was enjoyable to watch and the story was excellently made up and I have watched it a numerous of times and I don’t feel I will get enough of this series, Its just the other movies have the better edge.

4. Movie 3 The Last wizard of the century

Released: 1999


Kaitou Kid dares to challenge the police once more, setting his sights on the Russian Imperial Easter Egg. With the date, time, and place, the Osaka police force scrambles to stop him. But this time, Kid may have bitten off more than he can chew—Conan Edogawa, Heiji Hattori, and numerous others are also trying to get their hands on the jeweled egg.

As the race for possession of the egg escalates, a string of murders threatens those after it, and at the same time the tragic truth behind the Romanov Dynasty is finally revealed. At the center of these developments, it is up to Conan to solve the gruesome murders and catch Kid, all while protecting those close to him and concealing his identity.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]


I really enjoyed this movie! It was the first appearance of Kaito Kid in the Conan movies, and they couldn’t have done a better job, the story behind the last wizard of the century was expertly done to make it a wonderful story despite the murders, this was also a great way to bring Kaito Kid into the mix, and I must say he always makes the story’s a hundard times exciting when people are pulling on each others faces trying to find him.

3. Movie 17 Private Eye in the Distant Sea

Released: 2013


The movie is set on a state-of-the art Aegis vessel with the full cooperation of Japan’s real-life Ministry of Defense and Maritime Self-Defense Force. The corpse of a Self-Defense Force member has been found—minus the left arm—and a spy has infiltrated the Aegis vessel. The heroine Ran is put in jeopardy, and Conan is forced to stand up against the dangerous Spy “X.”

(Source: ANN)


I recently watched this film, let me tell you why this is my number 3. This film reminds me so much of the films that contain story lines around the black organisation. I thought this was an excellent film and it had so many twists and turns I wonder where the creator of Conan comes up with it, I definatly shared a tear when Ran was in danger (even if i knew nothing that bad would happen in the end).

I Really enjoyed being glued to the screen wondering what would happen next.

2. Moive 14 The Lost Ship in the Sky

Released: 2010


One night, the Tokyo National Institute of Microorganisms is attacked by a mysterious organization calling themselves the “Red Siamese Cats.” The group causes the explosion of a high-security lab storing a virus—said to have a mortality rate of 80% with no known cure. This act of terror dominates the headlines, overshadowing the unveiling of the world’s biggest airship developed under Jirokichi Suzuki. Peculiarly, the unveiling has a note attached for Kaito “Kaitou Kid” Kuroba, challenging him to steal the jewel on display—the illustrious Lady Sky.

Conan Edogawa is permitted to board the airship along with Kogorou Mouri, Ran Mouri, Sonoko Suzuki, Professor Agasa, and the Detective Boys. However, their fun comes to a halt when an unknown caller contacts Jirokichi and declares that they have released a certain virus in the smoking room. Soon after, symptoms begin to appear among the passengers and chaos ensues. Seizing the opportunity, the Red Siamese Cats suddenly appear and hijack the airship!

To stop the assailants, Conan and Kaitou Kid, along with their allies, must work together to decipher the clues and discover the Red Siamese Cats’ real objective before time runs out.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]


Now I could say why this was my number 2 favourite but I think the description could say why this movie was an exciting one.

I have seen many Jirokichi Suzuki vs Kaito kid story lines and this was by far the best one, only to throw the bad guys in the mix and you get one hell of a movie!

1. Movie 23 The Fist of Blue Sapphire

Released: 2019


The world’s greatest blue sapphire, the “blue lapis fist”, is said to have sunk in a pirate ship in the late 19th century, off the coasts of Singapore. A local millionaire plots to retrieve it, and when it’s displayed in an exhibition at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands hotel, a murder takes place. A bloody Kaitou Kid announcement card is found in the crime scene.

In the meantime, Kogoro, Ran, and Sonoko have come to Singapore to cheer on the strongest karateka with a streak of 400 consecutive victories, Makoto Kyogoku, who is fighting in a karate tournament held there, Unfortuently Makoto’s sponsor is killed so the Suzuki family sponsors him instead. Conan, who doesn’t have a passport and can’t travel overseas, was supposed to stay at home. He begs for Haibara to give him the antidote for him to transform to Shinichi, but she refuses.

Later that night, while Conan goes out for a walk, Kid, disguised as Ran, sneaks up behind Conan. Conan notices her, but then gets captured. Conan, realizing he is trapped in a suitcase, uses a pen to poke the zipper and he promptly gets out. Looking around, he realizes that he is in Singapore. Conan also realizes his body color got darker.

(sourced by Wiki)


Blue Sapphire was AMAZING! This movie was the first one I watched in Japanese and fell in love all over again, Throwing Kaito Kid (disguised as Kudo), Makoto (who we really don’t get to see much of) and a whole lot of shit going down in one city, It was really cool to see how strong Makoto was and to see what transpires.

My favourite part was Makoto saving Sonoko from the bad guys, some truly amazing animation!

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