Anime Discussion: What I’ve learned from MHA

Why is MHA so popular?

Boku no Hero Acadamia came out on July 7th 2014. 2 years later in Spring 2016 season 1 was released and made by Studio Bones. There are a lot of fans for this specific show whether they’ve come from the manga background and have read it from start to current, or they started when the first season was released and boy does it have a fandom.

When I think about anime it makes me think about why we love anime in the first place and it just takes me back to this video, please watch to continue this


This story obviously follows the young 14-year old boy Izuku Midoriya that doesn’t possess a quirk in a society that evolves around 80% of the earth’s population having one. With most people possessing a quirk, heroes are needed to stop bad people hurting others with their abilities. After nearly being killed by a villan, he is saved by the number one hero, also named ‘The Symbol of peace’ All Might.

All might saves Midoriya, and he asks the number one hero even though he didn’t have a quirk, could he still be a hero, All might says no and shatters his heart, on the way home the same villan attacks his friend and even though powerless Izuku try to save his friend, his bravery is the deciding factor for All Might who tells him that his quick can be passed on to others after intense training to allow him to possess this power Midoriya enrols at UA Highschool to become the next symbol of peace.

Now we’ve got a bit of the summary out of the way and were now 5 years later Boku no Hero has almost 5 seasons and 2 incredible movies even though it isn’t in the top 5 popular list on myAnimeList there is large fandom of people that adore My hero acadamia for many reasons and I wanted to discuss mine.

You can be whatever you want!

What you can always learn from My Hero is you can be whatever you want when you put in the work. I’m 22 years old and I’ve definitely had many different goals in my life and just recently I started down the path I’ve wanted to go down for years I’m currently attending University in the UK and studying in Photography as most of my friends and family know I’ve been a freelancer for about 6 years.

Izuku wanted to become a hero, Shinso wants to become a hero despite his quirk is something that a villan would have, Bakugo wants to become a hero dispite his hot and mean temper.

You can be whatever you want to be.

Never Give up

Never give up on pretty much anything! Izuku never gave up to be a hero, he was told he didn’t have the one thing he needed to become a hero, even though he didn’t possess a quirk and the amount of time Bakugo belittled him he never gave up not once.

I’m never going to give up on anything!

My dreams and my ambitions are what is driving me to my future

Your never done learning

Even at 22 years old I’m still learning. I’m learning that it’s never too late to go to University, I’m still learning how to be the best kind of photographer I can be. When Izuku needs to learn anew technique, and he sought out Gran Torino, but he also learned from Sir Nighteye and in the end changed destiny.

Push past your limits and go ‘PLUS ULTRA!!”

Even when things seem hopeless and you just want to crawl into a ball and cry, there is always a way to switch things around, when you come up against a wall and push past your limits and go


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