The Blogger Recognition Award! (20/2/21)

On the 16th of Feb I was tagged in The Blogger’s recognition award by Celestial_Sparkles60

I remember doing this last year and it feels absolutely great to be nominated again this year. There is much love for the lady that we have so much in common, not that just because we live in the Vacinity of the United Kingdom that we both have a love for Animal Crossing 😉

So go and check her out when you get the chance.

Now to get on with the show

The Rules.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and feature a link to their blog in your award post.
  2. Post the award banner somewhere on your blog.
  3. Share the reason why you started your blog.
  4. Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.
  5. Nominate a maximum of fifteen other bloggers. (if only i knew 15 bloggers ahah)
  6. Tell your nominees about your award post, so they can participate!

Why did I start my Blog?

Around April of last year I was supposed to be heading to Japan (yes japan) and on the 31st March, Japan closed its borders and then COVID-19 took a turn for the worst and the United kingdom went into its very first Lockdown.

Since I had absoutley nothing to do, and my life had turned tits up I was stuck at home wondering where the next bit of my life would go? I have been watching anime since I was 15 and to say im 22 now and have watched over 200 different titles maybe even more is impressive.

In the middle of April 2020 I decided I was going to do what I’d wanted to do in such a long time, start a blog and reviewing the things I loved the most and never would I have thought to be a part of a community I’m extremely proud off.

Just the other day I got a few words of Incouragement from a fellow blogger and I realised I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

2 pieces of advice for new bloggers

I have been blogging for almost a year now and im still learning but If i’d have to say anything it would be

#1 Even if you think what you’ve written is shit, still post it

There are plenty of posts I’ve written and not been 100% happy about it, your work is your work, it is unique, it doesn’t have to have over 1000 words to be any good, you don’t need an in-depth review of the whole thing, write as much or as little as you want after a while, you will have either gone and forgotten all about it or maybe in a while you might go back and change a few things, I don’t think people are going to care all that much.

#2 Get involved with the community on Twitter

When I first started I was absolutely afraid of what people would say in the community on twitter because I was new and didn’t know anybody, my work wasn’t viewed and liked more than the others who obviously had been doing it longer than me, but that didn’t matter to me, I was taken under the wing of the most sweetest blogger ever and I’ve made a ton of new friends sharing my work, it also give you the oppurunity to get involved in things.

I will be hosting Jon Spencer’s #TheJCS in July and im super excited.

My Nominations

Cody LaTosh



Many thanks to everyone supporting me ^-^

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