The Scariest Detective Conan Cases!

Now that Detective conan is hitting its milestone of 1000 episodes I thought I would give thoughts to my top (scariest/creapist) cases on Detective conan, Since there has been so many cases It was so hard to find the right ones.

Lets start!


Episode 34-35

When Sonoko gets permission to use her family’s villa she invites Ran to meet some guys who are also staying for the weekend, maybe because she had to, Conan tags along, when they arrive at the house they see a man walking across the bridge with a cloak and bandges and both of them are imediatly freaked out.

Sonoko doesnt beleive them and the night continues. Ran and Conan meets Sonoko’s older sister and friends. As the night goes on Ran is invited out into the rain for a walk with Masaru but is scared by the lightning and runs off screaming.

Little does ran know the man they saw earlier is right behind her wielding an axe, the man proceeds to attack her but is scared off by Conan and Sonoko.

When everyone reconvines in the villa they try to call the police but it seems the lightning knocked out the power, Ryoichi get spooked, and runs outside and that’s when they notice the bridge was gone, they think the weather had done it but conan notices the cut marks from the axe, the man cut off the only means of escaping.

When getting dinner ready when Ryoichi watches the mask man ran across the window holding character Chikako Ikeda’s head in his hands shes obviously dead and conan runs after the masked mans with the boys, while searching they find Chikako chopped into bits.

As the case goes on conan wonders why the axe man’s first target was Ran and begins to wonder, during the night conan and ran are alseep when conan wakes up to find the masked man in their bedroom and ends up hurting his foot trying to save her.

Many attempts happen on Ran’s life only for conan to realise it isn’t someone outside the house trying to kill Ran, it is someone inside and wants to kill her for something she may or may have not noticed when she arrived at the villa.

Episode 50


For this episode I watched in dub and Christopher Bevins who plays the Murderer in this episode did a fantastic job of making it even creepier than It was!)

After a case involving Heji, Conan and the detective boys Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko head to the library to research on a book report. When conan notices that something is off with some books, the library manager takes it from him before he can take a proper look.

Shortly after Megure arrives at the libary the boys go to investigate, Megure asks about a missing clerk that failed to come home the day before last and that he never called his wife before leaving work.

Megure thinks that he was attacked while at work so the police start to investigate, they find nothing and head out, Conan and the dectective boys beleive something is up so they end up staying after hours to find out what.

After hours Conan and the others watch the libary manger head to the same spot where Conan found the out of place books and hear the manager talk about killing the clerk.

After leaving the library and the boys find the body, conan wants to call the cops but can’t see anything, Genta accidentally turns on the light alerting to the already walking away manager that someone was still in the library and goes searching for them to kill them as well.

Episode 77-78

Ran, Kogoro and Conan are invited to the Nagato family home who are just as rich as Sonoko and her family, Korgoro is asked by the head of the family Dosan-san to find his lost love before he dies.

When arriving Conan notices police in the loby of the house and notices someone but he quite cant put his finger on it.

Before anything starts Heji and his father Heizo show up, conan finally relizing who was just downstairs, Heji accidently calls Coan by the name ‘Kudo’ and they have to quickly come up with an excuse.

After a while after family members come and go a strange man comes into the room wearing bandages, Heji immeditatlty springs into action only to be told he is Dosan’s oldest son and got burned years before.

The night goes on to celebrate dosan’s birthday and he announces his son hideomi has preposed to his secatary Miyuki, shortly after Matsuaki goes searching for Hideomi, he calls back up to the room to say he had been attacked and as Kogoro and Yasue go and see whats happening from the balcony, they watch as Hideomi comes out holding a knife between his teeth.

Matsuaki is found imapled on the fence bellow, No one is sure that Hideomi was the one they saw because all they saw was a masked man.

After a couple of nights of trying to find Hideoi, a discovery was made just before dusk after Miyuki looses her pen in the pond, the pond is drained to find Hideomi’s corpse.


Episode 136-137

The detective boys and Professor Agasa head camping when they arrive, The professor realises he forgot the tents, They go wondering when they notice a castle in the distance, heading over they end up being allowed to stay the night by Mitsturu Mamiya.

There are many myseteries in the castle such as a massive chessboard on the garden outside, hidden passageways and unknown cellars, and myserious deaths of the family.

When the Detective boys go to invesitgate Conan goes missing and ends up being knocked out, Ai suggests to the Professor that he call the police but ends up being taken and knocked out as well.

Ai is now left with Genta, Mitsuhiko and Ayumi to find the missing Professor and Conan, but as they investigate, each of them are picked off one by one, which of the family members left is picking them off one by one and for what reason?

Episode 166-168

Kazuha and Heji are lost in the mountains after Heji, teasing Kazuha about having to camp in the forest, they come across a photographer who says something weird, they freak out causing them to walk slowly away, the man introduces himself as Robert san, and he is American and he is also lost.

As a truck goes by Heji gets their attention by throwing his bike helmet at it, the truck comes back and Mori and the gang realise who they are, heading over to the house Conan asks why there here when Mori gloats that he had been summond by the same man Nobukazu Takeda for a case and had paid him half before coming to the mansion

Heji explains that he was sent a creepy letter and to also come to the mansion Yuzo Takeda who is driving the truck tells them the story of the mansion that it is also referred to as “The Puppet valley’s spider mansion”

When they arrive they are told there had been multiple hanging suicides in the past, The head of the House Nobukazu turns up and in private, he tells Mori the reason he had been summoned because he thought that someone had murdered them instead of suicide.

It is very clear that the head of the house never sent Heji the letter and was so confused when more than expected had arrived.

Dinner starts and everyone then goes there seperate ways Kazuha and ran go with robert-san to a grave, the others do something within the compound, When Yuzo starts yelling for his brother who isnt where he was supposed to be everyone goes looking

They find him in the storage warehouse on the second floor behind a locked door where previous suicides took place

The crime was a locked room murder, everyone is told to stay in their rooms as the police cant arrive until morning, the boys Mori, Heji and Conan end up processing the crime scene themselves.

Meanwhile, Ran cant find her charger which is in a pouch, the girls go searching for it with a pen light Kazhua has, while searching Kazhua finds out the pouch was given to Ran by Shinichi so Kazuha agrees to keep on searching when the batteries almost go out and Ran goes to get spares within that time, Someone is nearby with a stun gun.

After leaving the crime scene to find something Mori finds ran crying as she can’t find Kazhua and everyone goes crazy, when Heji realises that the warehouse door is open when he shut it, they find kazhua in the same position as the deceased Nobukazu

Episode 712-715

Following a murder that took place in Tokyo, Heiji and Kazuha accompany Otaki with Conan and company to investigate a “vampire” curse on a family, it was requested that Otaki go invesitage from a request from Hattori’s father.

At the arrival of the mansion, it is reavealed that the butler Rikushige Koga submitted the request to Heiji’s father. He requested a detective to be present at the inheritance ceremony.

When they arrives even though the girls are very strong and both of them are trained in a marital arts they both get scared at the mention of Vampries, Heji trys to twist it to something else and they beleive him.

As a Joke when dinner arrives, Jouhei asks them to go and get the eldest of the family, Hakuya Torakura, when they walk into the room they find a coffin at the middle of the room, they realize that the family just wanted to scare them, but when they open up the coffin they find Hakuya dead, dressed as a vampire with a stake through his heart

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