Spring 2021 collection and what I will be watching

A new season is fast approaching and for a while we have known what will be out this spring, and I know for a fact us as a community have picked our ones that we really want to watch and here is my list!

1. MHA Season 5

Release Date: 27th March

Lets start with MHA Season 5 and its defiantly a long waited anime, because I waited so long that I actually read the anime arc in the manga, who wouldn’t want to watch the latest season of My hero academia that has been going on for long and touched so many hearts from little kids to adults like myself.

2. How to not summon a demon lord omega

Release Date: 9th April

I absolutely loved the first season of this show, and I was defiantly wasn’t expecting a second season, I am also hoping that funimation uses the previous dub cast they did for season two that including Jad saxton and Eric Vale.

3. Moriarty the Patriot Season 2

Release Date: 4th April

OMG I wouldn’t miss this anime for the world, I wont be saving them to watch all at once like I did with the Winter season, this anime was defiantly my number one of Fall of 2020.

I defiantly didn’t see the point in splitting the seasons in half but Its defiantly been a good wait.

(if you haven’t seen season 1 yet GO AND DO SO!!)

4. Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi warui

Release Date: April

I found this anime while I was searching through YouTube, I am actually really excited to see where the story goes, I’m honestly not a big romance fan (even though I absolutely love the anime My love story and skip beat)

I honestly don’t know how they come up with these stories.

5. Mars Red

Release Date: 6th April

Mars red is defiantly the unusual one of my list that I’m not sure if Ill end up watching until the end of the season , I think the only real season I’ve decided to give this one a try is one of the voice actors is Junichi Suwabe who is my favorite Male Japanese VA besides Takehito Koyasu.

6. 86

Release Date: April

Unfortunately this is another anime I’m not actually sure I will continue with, this anime drew me in with a fantastic trailer, the voice actors are sub par and not much is known about it, Lets just see if the first couple of episodes can draw me in?

7. Fruits baskets Final Season

Release Date: 6th April

I don’t know who wouldn’t be watching the last season of Fruits basket, we got the first real look at Fruits basket back in 2001 and stopped at a certain point and I know everyone wanted more, because of the long wait a lot of people have read the manga and know how the ending is going to turn out, but is the anime sticking to the actual manga?

I think it is and no matter how much this is a romance anime, there are a lot of underlying issues we find in the characters and very dark pasts and feelings that also draw us in to Finish watching the final season of Fruits Basket.

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