Sakura Quest- Episode 3 “The cry of the Mandrake”


Yoshino continues trying to help revitalize Manoyama, with little success. During a television interview, Yoshino realizes that she doesn’t actually know all that much about the town, nor what to do to actually change things. However, when she tries to ask the townspeople what they think should be done, the majority of them end up being completely apathetic to their situation. Yoshino researches the town’s history a little more and finds out that Manoyama is famous for its turnips, and tried to market a turnip-based mascot called “Kabura Kid”, which ended in failure. Kadota then had the idea to use the Chupakabura as the town’s mascot against the Merchant Board’s wishes, resulting in the current feud between the Tourism and Merchant boards.


The episode opens with Kadota, Shiroi, Yoshino, and Minou driving down the street while listening to some truly terrible songs. Kadota says it to celebrate her reign as queen, but the loud music does not sit well with the locals.

Shiroi and Yoshino go to the cafe after the day is over, where they meet Maki with a boy called Kousuke, who is her younger brother. Maki expresses her feelings that she doesn’t want to go home.

Yoshino’s belongings arrive later that night, and she agrees to give the job a try.

Yoshino has to do an interview with a local station the next day and based on my laughter at the events, it’s fair to say it didn’t go well as she attempts to read a script from the back of Mr Kadota’s chupacabra outfit.

She is then caught off guard with some out of the blue questions by the interviewer, it doesn’t go down well.

Yoshino gets discouraged that she knows nothing of Manoyama and everyone agrees to help her learn, Kadota yells and says she has to “feel the wind”

She goes out to feel the breeze and comes across an elderly lady on a mobility scooter; she approaches her and asks questions, but the lady ignores her; she tries to walk around and ask locals, but her search for answers becomes less and less possible as she travels from local to local.

After meeting a police officer he confesses that a lot of the locals don’t want anything to change, that what could a outsider do to make things different.

After talking with a bookstore owner they head back to the cafe where they find Takamizawa who is the local bus driver and realizes she remembers him from where she was little.

Back at the lodgings the girls sit around the table eating dinner talking about what the town used to be like.

They discuss something that grows in the area, and Yoshino goes to a farmer to inquire about it; however, it does not go as well as she had hoped.

The next day is the Regional Mascot Festival competition, and Yoshino goes with Mr Kadota. Shiori receives a phone call informing her that the Chupacabra’s head is missing and that the kingdom of Chupacabra used to be the Town of Kabura kid in 1997, so Ririko suggests using the old costume instead.

To help Yoshino the girls go searching for the costume and find it, after finding it and they head over, just as they do the Tourism boys turn up and find that the Chupacabra’s head was thrown into the dump, let’s just say I burst out laughing.

As Yoshino watches all the fighting between everyone about the costumes, she starts to look over the past days events and yells at them.

She retains a stance that Kadota wants to change the town, but no one wants the town to change; the board of merchants and the tourism board are at odds because of the 1997 change.

Because of this Kadota gives her the reigns of which costume to choose.

Yoshino makes a speech and makes a deceleration to the towns people of manoyama

The episode ends with the girls having drinks and manju at a cherry blossom viewing party in the park and Yoshino she wants to work with the girls on the project.

Kadota agrees.

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