Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui: Episode 1 First impression

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui was the first thing I watched this spring and boy do I have an strong opinion about this anime.

The studios behind this show are Studio Normad; the number of episodes has yet to be announced, but based on the manga’s current chapter count of 25, I’m sure it will be 12 episodes.

This was my initial reaction after watching the first episode.


Once you fall for someone, you can’t stop the love.

A strange encounter spurs the meeting of Amakusa Ryou, a high spec businessman who is loose with women, and his high school sister’s best friend, Arima Ichika. From there, he falls madly in love. On one hand, he approaches her with almost too straight-forward methods, while she responds simply disgusted, insulting him without hesitation‚Ķ and he takes it as her way of showing love.

This is a romantic comedy about a twisted elite employee and a normal otaku high school girl.

(Source: MU, edited)


Characters and voice actors

Lets first start off with the two main characters voiced by Yurie Kozaki who recently voiced Yuki Yoshikawa in Horimiya and Toshiyuki Toyonaga who voiced everyone’s favorite Yuri Katsuki in Yuri on ice.

Ichika, Arima

Ichika is your typical otaku high school girl, What I love about her that she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind but then gets very flustered after shes said something totally embarrassing.

Ryou Amakusa

My first impression of the guy wasn’t a good one, Ryou is a womanizer through and through and I don’t particularly like characters like him, unfortunately my opinions changed throughout the first episode leaving my opinion to be half and half.

Rio Amakusa

Rio is Ryou’s little sister and Ichika’s best friend.

Were even in store for new characters and voices from Junya Enoki who recently voiced Yuuji Idatori in Jujustsu Kaisen and Ryouhei Kimura who voiced Bokuto in Haikyuu.

Just from the voice actor cast I’m so excited to see how they bring these characters to the screen.

Opening and ending

I don’t usually like listening to openings from 12 episode anime’s as they never seem to stand out as much as anime’s that have 24 episodes but what I listened to actually surprised me!

It was just as good at the Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashi opening Fiction by Sumika. Koi to Yobu’s opening is Monochrome City by ACE COLLECTION and straight away I had myself swaying and dancing in my seat.

Linaria by Maruritoryuga was the ending and I was also really surprised that I loved the delicacy of the song and It was very pleasant to listen to.

I have found myself adding both songs onto my Japanese Playlist on iTunes.

The Episode

The episode starts where we meet Ryou, and this is where we get the sense of what type of guy he is, then we meet Ichika who heads out to school.

THE MAN SPEAKS ENGLISH! and very perfect English may I add, I commend Toshiyuki Toyonaga to be able to speak almost perfect English without the term Engrish thrown out there.

Ryou and some woman

This is when my impression of this guy was at an all-time low, and I couldn’t stand his style of personality, despite the fact that he was extremely attractive.

Ichika saving Ryou from falling

As you see from the trailer this is the thing that sparks the story of this anime as Ichika saves Ryou from falling down the stairs.

When returning home Ryou encounters Ichika again as she is his little sister’s best friend and they immediately recognize each other.

Ryou and Ichika meeting each other for the second time

Rio asks them if they know each other and Ichika tells her what she did for him this morning, they introduce themselves, Ryou starts listening the various things he could buy for her for saving his life and then settles with a kiss.

The next reaction was priceless which is why I love Ichika

Ichika telling Ryou what she thinks

I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out laughing as its the whole concept of the story as explained in the synopsis.

But of course this doesn’t stop him from quote “falling in love”.

Rio and Ichika at school

because of that encounter Ryou has taken it upon himself to send Ichika gifts even though she really doesn’t like it or him, Rio asks Ichika why doesn’t she go out with him with a really straight face and I’m like, are you serious right now?

Rio describes her brother has Handsome, smart, fairly rich…. and total scumball which from only about 5 minutes of screen time with him I totally agree with her.

third encounter

through out the rest of the episode we get to see them meet up twice and both times we totally different sides to Ryou where Ichika doesn’t exactly change in the way she interacts with him.

fourth encounter

Just when I think my opinion is changing we see his womanizing side which I’m hoping by the end of the series he will change in his ways as he falls in love with a girl who’s most probably half his age!

(secretly reminding me of the anime Junjou Romantica with the pairing of Usami and Misaki)

Ryou’s taste in women exposed

and at the end of the episode we see this

Ryou Angry

Makes you wonder how many sides there are to this guy

The end of the episode finishes rather smoothly.

Watch or drop?

Watch or drop?

Honestly I rather liked it, the story is different, the characters are amusing, I really depends on what your cup of tea is.

I will continue to watch this series and I wonder if my opinions change over time

Thanks for reading

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3 thoughts on “Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui: Episode 1 First impression

  1. How does a “elite” businessman become attracted to a high school girl… Realistically that sounds scary and raises serious red flags, lol. Great review, though.

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