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My top 5 favorite MHA Characters

My hero has been climbing the ranks as a great anime and has just entered its 5th season. We all have our favorite characters, here are mine.

5. Twice also known as Jin Bubaigawara

My 5th favorite MHA character is the villain Twice. It was very hard to choose my top 5 as My hero isn’t a big favorite of mine (yes it is very unfortunate).

Twice’s dub voice is Newton Pittman and newton voiced beautiful Gray fullbuster in Fairy Tail, but i chose him for another reason, if you are a manga reader then fantastic if you are not, read on…

I chose Twice because he was willing to risk his life in the heart of the battle he protected and became more than just a villain, I always believed he could have been a true hero if he was put on the right path.

4. Hitoshi Shinso

Shinsou has been the talk of the town since this latest season of him wanting to join the hero course. We first meet him during the UA sports festival as is voiced by the fantastic Jarrod Greene in the English dub.

His power over the years has kept people from liking him, telling him he’d be an awesome villain, but getting to know him a little bit more, he’s a sweet boy and is just misunderstood and If the manga ever gets to the second year for the UA students I think were going to see him a bit more 😉

3. Eijiro Kirishima

The only character in 1-A on my top 5 list is Eijiro Kirishima at number 3. Kirishima is very optimistic and is considered apart of the Bakugo Squad with Kaminari, Mina and Sero.

Someone as Optimistic as Kirishima, does have a back story and he very much second guesses himself and he reminds me so much of myself in someway or another.

his catchphrase is obviously “Manly” and I think that is the only thing I would change but he will always be my number 3.

2. Tamaki Amajiki

The introvert of the big 3, my second favorite character has to be no other than Tamaki Amajiki. we first meet him in the last episode of the third season.

In the fourth season we got to see more of this guy as we went into the Shie Hassaikai raid, despite his timid personality hes a really lovely human and defiantly will become one of the top hero’s in the future.

I love this guy and so does everyone else.

1. Mei Hatsume

Mei is my number one and always will be, yes it is true we don’t get to see her that often, we first meet her in season 2’s sports festival and is voiced by Alexis Tipton.

She isn’t a main character but because of her love for support items makes her a fantastic person, she always tries her hardest and never gives up helping people, I think my favorite support item she has made so far has to be Kaminari’s new shooting gear.

She is a very interesting person and I can defiantly see her having her own company in the near future.

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