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Manga Discussion: Chainsaw Man Chapter 1

Everyone is hyped about the new chainsaw anime coming out sometime soon, I’m predicting maybe in the Fall of 2021 or maybe even Winter 2020.

I watched the trailer and I knew straight away that Studios MAPPA had the pleasure of bringing the Manga panels to life. ( If you are not sure who MAPPA are? you might know them from their previous work on Jujustsu Kaisen, The god of High school and Banana fish, along with many more)


The more times I watch the official trailer the more I got excited for it and then I went, why don’t I read the first chapter of the manga and see what it’s like, if its this good on screen then the manga must be good.

( I will be showing some panel’s from the manga so if you want to watch without any surprises, I ask you to read no further 🙂 )

Page 1

So when the hype started forming for this manga/anime that I had never heard of before, I had watched a youtube video that I watched my favorite youtuber win a chainsaw man plushie and I wondered?

what the hell is that thing?

and then realized it was a character in the manga, and I was very surprised, it was very cute…

Page 10

Main character guys!

he looks very sad and lonely.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how he progresses.

Page 21

It’s sad to see a kid die so young.

RIP main character

Page 22

Ooo shit is about to go down.

tbh this wasn’t surprising in the least.

Page 26

Panels like this give be goosebumps

this is how you know shits going to be good when it gets animated (MAPPA are going to make it the anime of the year much like they did with Jujustsu Kaisen)

Page 33

You can only ask yourself what’s going on here.

and then I say if you have watched Parasyte Maxim you will know exactly what’s going on here.

Page 53

This looks like its going to be a interesting partner ship, If I don’t say so myself.

While reading the first chapter I asked myself a couple of questions

  1. who is this women, and how is she going to fit into the plot?
  2. this just reminds me too much of paraysite, I hope it doesnt?
  3. Weve only seen one side to the main character, is he going to be interesting or boring?

I am very excited to read more, and see how the adaptation turns out

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