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My most memorable anime’s for Fall 2021

Here we are at the fall selection!

We’re just under 2 weeks away from 2022 and I’m so excited for all the new content we’re going to get to watch in the new year.

But before that! I will now announce my memorable anime for Fall 2021

1. Komi Can’t communicate

What can I say about Komi that others haven’t? It isn’t something to rave about, but you will ask me now but why Tori?

Why have you put it on the favourites list if it isn’t that great? well, I will tell you why…

Other than these other 4, This season of anime has been pretty shit and something about the show makes me wants to want to watch it soon as it comes out.

My mind works in strange ways sometimes 🥴

2. Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi

I have only watched three episodes of this so far! and for some reason because Patrick Seitz voicing the big male main character and new upcoming voice actor Risa Mei as the main female character are a really good fit for each other and they bounce off each other really well.

Can’t wait to see what this show has for me in the future.

3. Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru

After finishing the anime today I have really loved Sankaku and for many different reasons so watch out for a review really soon!

I have really loved this show because it was very different to watch I was watching it currently and I just so wished there were more BL scenes In this.

I was have loved the show to be stretched out a little bit more, I have been very satisfied having this at a 12 episode anime.

4. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean

I am a very big secret fan of JoJo’s bizarre adventures, For years Young Joseph Joestar has been my favourite JoJo main character and then this Jolyne came along and Joeseph was overtaken by his Great Granddaughter Jolyne Cujoh.

Of what I have seen so far Stone ocean has so far in my mind surpassed Battle Tendency even if I did love Stardust Crusaders.

and that’s it, folks!

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