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The Anime I re-watch over and over again #WeebProblems

As I reach the tender age of 24 for this year I have officially been watching anime for 8 years now and as I still continue to update My list on MyAnimeList I find that there are some anime’s I just continue watching over and over again and loving them every single time I do.Continue reading “The Anime I re-watch over and over again #WeebProblems”

My 2022 Anime Overview

Welcome everyone to the new year. Just before the new year, we got a fantastic lineup for this year and boy and am I excited 😀 So, Let me tell you what I’m most excited about and you can leave what you’re excited for! Anime Series 1. Bleach A thousand year blood war Arc Let’sContinue reading “My 2022 Anime Overview”

Fall 2021 Collection and What I’ll be watching

Fall is slowly coming into view and honestly It’s my favorite season, its when I get to wear jeans and my favorite Jumpers! But enough with the outfits; we’re here to check out the Fall anime lineup! I’m curious as to how many of the items on my list I’ll really watch, wanna know what’sContinue reading “Fall 2021 Collection and What I’ll be watching”

Anime Discussion: 5 Anime I’m currently watching

Art of Anime here! As an otaku blogger, I write reviews about anime and manga. If you’re new to my blog then welcome, and if you’re not thank you for your support and I will continue to do what I love best, writing about anime. With that all out of the way. These are theContinue reading “Anime Discussion: 5 Anime I’m currently watching”

Anime Discussion: The Sailor Guardian I relate to the most

The Latest sailor moon movie just came out and people are raving about it! I am not the biggest fan on the series but I cannot fault the beautiful work that went into it. Sailor Moon has been a big part of the anime community for many years and there have been some anime’s tryingContinue reading “Anime Discussion: The Sailor Guardian I relate to the most”

Anime Discussion: LGBTQ Couples in Anime

In Anime you can pretty much get any crazy story if you look hard for it enough, Today I look at the LGBTQ couples that anime has offered us over the years. Recently since I have had time to think about myself and what I identity as, I came to a conclusion and I thinkContinue reading “Anime Discussion: LGBTQ Couples in Anime”

Anime Discussion: Relating to Fruits basket on a Personal Level

(Disclaimer!! Please read at your own digression, I am touching on very raw subjects and respect every word written Thank you) Here I am re-watching the last season of Fruits Basket in order to brace myself for the final season and actually see the manga’s endings. We all think of Fruits Basket as a fantasticContinue reading “Anime Discussion: Relating to Fruits basket on a Personal Level”

Anime Discussion: Jujutsu Kaisen

When an anime series comes to an end us anime bloggers/YouTubers go on a frenzy about reviewing a fantastic series like Jujutsu Kaisen. Me, I thought I’d do something different for my usual review, so here goes, My discussion about The 2020/2021 anime of the year Jujutsu Kaisen. Rating: 10/10 Episodes: 24 Source: Manga Genres:Continue reading “Anime Discussion: Jujutsu Kaisen”

Anime Discussion: The Anime Characters I absolutely despise

Recently on Twitter Karandi asked “Is there an anime character you would want to punch” and my first response is Shinji Matou from the fate franchise so here is a list of Anime characters I absolutely despise! 1. Shinji Matou from Fate/Stay night Series If you haven’t seen Fate/Stay Night, you haven’t seen this littleContinue reading “Anime Discussion: The Anime Characters I absolutely despise”

Anime Discussion: Celebrating Detective conan’s 1000 episode

January 8th 1996, Detective Conan (cased closed) was released on screen, this anime has celebrated its 25th year just this year! And as of today It has reached its 1000th episode and as an anime community and it has to a very big achievement. This April detective conan will release its 24th film that I’mContinue reading “Anime Discussion: Celebrating Detective conan’s 1000 episode”

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