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Villains that know they are evil and don’t care

(WARNING!! Slight spoilers ahead) So recently I just finished watching the dressrosa arc in one piece and I thought about dolfamingo and how he just didn’t care about killing and doing the things he did over the course of his life, and then I thought… How many villains do we have in anime, that justContinue reading “Villains that know they are evil and don’t care”

My Updated Candidates for my Ultimate Husbando

So a couple of days go I redid my wifu list, Now it’s time for the husbando’s Even though in my personal life I am 100% Lesbian, that does not exclude my favourite male anime characters that I wouldn’t mind marrying Without further a do! Let’s start 1. Shinya Kogami Kogami remains at the topContinue reading “My Updated Candidates for my Ultimate Husbando”

What will I be watching? #SpringAddition

Spring is finally here guys! and what glorious weather we’ve been having huh? I know we’re already heading into the spring anime of this year but I’ve been having wifi issues so here is my list of things I’ll be watching this April-May! SpyxFamily This anime has been highlighted as the most anticipated anime thisContinue reading “What will I be watching? #SpringAddition”

Where Art of Anime has been, and where does it go from here

Hey! It’s been a while, How’s everyone been? I started my second year of university at the end of September and I started a new job, then I got my first deadline and so many things to do and Now guess who has to Isolate again because of Covid… ME 🙄 That’s life these daysContinue reading “Where Art of Anime has been, and where does it go from here”

My Favorite Junichi Suwabe Roles

As much as I love, English Voice actors I love Japanese Seiyu’s and I can pick a few voices out in Japanese including my favorite Japanese Voice actors. Junichi Suwabe has been in the industry since 1999, when he first appeared in the anime Great Teacher Onizuka, and has since appeared in a slew ofContinue reading “My Favorite Junichi Suwabe Roles”

Am I slowly leaning out of Dub and into the world of Sub?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Art of Anime It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote something about myself as an anime otaku, and one of the most common questions I get as an anime fan is, “Do you watch anime in Sub or Dub?” If you know me or have beenContinue reading “Am I slowly leaning out of Dub and into the world of Sub?”

Anime Discussion: My favorite Couples/Ships

As one of my favorite anime’s end and the guy gets the girl, I wondered which are my favorite Couples and ships Small disclaimer: This is in now way rated from 1 to 10 its just counting all of them. so here you go! 1. Couple: Kyo and Tohru from Fruit Basket The remake isContinue reading “Anime Discussion: My favorite Couples/Ships”

Summer 2021 collection and What I’ll be watching

A new season is fast approaching and for a while we have known what will be out this Summer, and I know for a fact us as a community have picked our ones that we really want to watch and here is my list! 1. Vanitas no Carte Release date: July 3rd The minute IContinue reading “Summer 2021 collection and What I’ll be watching”

Detective Conan’s best cases

So just recently the previous post to this hit 150 views and I thought to myself what made it so popular? So today I give you some of the best cases of Detective Conan. Heiji takes Kazuha, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to East Okuho after receiving a letter from Makoto Okuda addressed to Shinichi. TheContinue reading “Detective Conan’s best cases”

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