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Anime Discussion: 5 Anime I’m currently watching

Art of Anime here! As an otaku blogger, I write reviews about anime and manga. If you’re new to my blog then welcome, and if you’re not thank you for your support and I will continue to do what I love best, writing about anime. With that all out of the way. These are theContinue reading “Anime Discussion: 5 Anime I’m currently watching”

Detective Conan’s best cases

So just recently the previous post to this hit 150 views and I thought to myself what made it so popular? So today I give you some of the best cases of Detective Conan. Heiji takes Kazuha, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to East Okuho after receiving a letter from Makoto Okuda addressed to Shinichi. TheContinue reading “Detective Conan’s best cases”

Anime Discussion: Celebrating Detective conan’s 1000 episode

January 8th 1996, Detective Conan (cased closed) was released on screen, this anime has celebrated its 25th year just this year! And as of today It has reached its 1000th episode and as an anime community and it has to a very big achievement. This April detective conan will release its 24th film that I’mContinue reading “Anime Discussion: Celebrating Detective conan’s 1000 episode”

Magic Kaito 1412

Overall Rating: 9/10 **Quick disclaimer, while im writing this review I feel like it’s more an comparison to his counter show Detective Conan, many apologies** Episodes: 24 Source: Manga Genres: Romance, Adventure, Comedy Premiered: Fall 2014 Just recently I have sort of been obsessed with Detective Conan lately, and one big part of the DetectiveContinue reading “Magic Kaito 1412”

My 5 Favourite Detective Conan Movies

So during the Christmas period I did a lot of Conan watching because I absolutely love this anime that has just as many episodes as One Piece and has 23 almost 24 movies. Sometimes I wonder why has this anime gone on for this long? what was the appeal and I’m going to give youContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Detective Conan Movies”

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