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Sakura Quest- Episode 2 “The Gathering of the Five Champions”

Episode Synopsis In order to celebrate the coronation of a new Queen, Kadota purchases a thousand boxes of Manjū and tasks Yoshina with selling all of them. He promises to Yoshino that if she can sell all of the Manjū within one week, then she will be released from her contract. Review We begin withContinue reading “Sakura Quest- Episode 2 “The Gathering of the Five Champions””

Sakura Quest – Episode 1 “Off to Magical Manoyama”

Sakura Quest is a rare gem that debuted in Spring 2017 and was created by P.A. Works, the studio behind Angel Beats! and Charlotte. I watched this anime when it was airing back in 2017 and I loved watching this show every week, Caitlin Glass did a fantastic job directing it like she does withContinue reading “Sakura Quest – Episode 1 “Off to Magical Manoyama””

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