Psycho Pass 3 + First Inspector

Overall Rating: 10/10

Episodes: 8

Source: Original

Genres: Action, SCI-FI, Police

Premiered: Fall 2019

I was very happy when I saw a Psycho pass 3 in the words for the end of 2019 and that each episode would be 1 hour long, this made up for only having 8 episodes in the season.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Psycho Pass 3


Thanks to the Sibyl System, the mental states of society can now be measured on a numerical scale. Using these “crime coefficients,” a culprit can be apprehended before they ever commit a crime. But is it a perfect system? For Inspectors Kei Mikhail Ignatov and Arata Shindou, that remains to be seen, as their career with the Public Safety Bureau’s Crime Investigation Department has only just begun.

Shindou and Ignatov are assigned to investigate the crash of a ship carrying immigrants, but they begin to suspect that it was no mere accident. Meanwhile, a mysterious group called Bifrost is observing them from the shadows, but they aren’t the only ones who have taken an interest in the two new Inspectors…

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opening and ending music

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Opening: “Q-vism” by Who-ya Extended

This opening definitely co-insides with the other songs used for Psycho pass in the past, this song is upbeat and has you bopping your head and dancing, It definitely has that SCI-FI feeling that both Abnormalize and Out of Control has for the first two seasons.

Ending: “bullet” by Cö shu Nie

Co shu nie I first heard when the did the Tokyo ghoul re season 2 opening Asphyxia, Bullet definitely fits the loneliness that comes with Psycho pass, and if you understand the feeling Psycho pass comes across you will know what I’m trying to say.

Both songs are great to Listen to.

Characters and Returning Characters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Inspectors Kei Mikhail Ignatov and Arata Shindou are the new inspectors, Yes, we were all hoping that we would get more Akane screen time this season, but they came at us with a brand-new set of Inspectors and enforcers to boot, a new division 1.

Kei Ignatov voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail, Shigure Soma from Fruits Basket 2019) is a Non Japanese citizen to become an inspector in the Frist division of the PSB. Kei out of the two is the more rational one (at times) and I have to say in my professional opinion is the hot one 😉

Kei almost reminds me of Kogumai in a way that he knows his way around a fight, I have almost been in awe of how well he can fight, and his fight against the one and only Shinya Kougami was a great thing to see and my heart fluttered a bit.

The love for his wife is unparamount as his wife is blind but that doesn’t stop him from protecting her from evil, almost reminding me of Tamoya and Nagisa from Clannad despite Nagisa’s illness, Tamoya stays beside her hand in hand.

Arata Shindo voiced by Yuki Kaji (Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan, Shoto Todoroki from My hero academia) despite his appearance is an adult and is the less rational out of the two, I perceive him as the childish one but when it comes down to it he’s smart and athletic too!

Arata is very laid back and you can almost find him sleeping half the time, but that makes up for it when you see him in action, there are many scenes where you can find his ability to jump and fly through the air almost like an acrobat is impressive, Added Yuki Kaji as his voice actor you can almost see a sense of fun in his character which is very refreshing to see.

Since the boys are old friends, it is great to see a brotherly relationship between the two. Kei caring for Arata like an older brother would, even looking after him when he uses his high empathic abilities that he calls a Mental Trace. It is the ability to cross the mental boundaries of others and allows Arata to feel what they were feeling in the past, however, when he is using this ability, he is vulnerable to physical attack which is why someone has to watch over him when he uses it.

Another interesting fact, that Arata is like Shogo Makishima who can’t be judged by the Sibyl System.

The Enforcers are all brand new expect Sho Hinakawa who still remains from season 2. They all remind me of the old enforcers Tenma reminds me of old man Masaoka and Irie reminds me so much of Kougami back in the day and then Mao reminds me of Yayoi who actually is back in society and is no longer an enforcer which I found just lovley.

Unforutently during this series unlike the past the enforcers are nothing special and to me are just useless additions to the show.

Characters from left: Kazumichi Irie, Yayoi Kunizuka, Sho Hinakawa, Arata Shindo, Tenma Todoroki, Kei Ignatov

Returning characters such as Akane, Kougami and Ginoza. AKANE IS IN PRISION! WTAF!! I was not prepared to see what happens to Akane in series 3 and it doesn’t explain anything not until the First Inspector movie came out, I spent 8 episodes on the edge of my seat wondering what Akane could have done to be arrested.

And it seems Kougami and Gino have partnered up again also along with former enforcer Teppei Sugo, as they join the MFA Operations Department under Frederica Hanashiro who we meet in the Last film of the 3 movie trilogy Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System.

Kouichi Azusawa and BI Frost. I love anime’s share of villians but when you come across a group like BIfrost you wonder why they were put in there in the first place, even now I think back and wonder what they actually did for the storyline because theyre motives never made sense to me.

The one person that made sense to me was Kouichi Azusawa, who basically was the main villain for the series much like Shogo Makishima in the first season.

Bi frost have a very interesting role in this show as previous to the show they eliminated an inspector and Akane paid the price for it, and she probably knew what she was getting into claiming the inspector was ‘Bitten by a fox’ which was related to the people calling them ‘Inspectors’ for BI-Frost, Kouichi being First inspector and at the end of episode 4 meeting the second Inspector ‘Haruki Enomiya’.

We always seem to find an inspector in all the chaos of every case, doesn’t that seem odd to you?

The Animation

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The animation is just an incredible as season 1 but just tuned up a bit to be worthy of an anime released in 2019.

The animation takes a big turn when it comes to Arata’s episodes (His mental skill ability) which makes this anime one of the best animated of 2019, in my opinion.

My Favourite Scene

Me personally, I am a big shipper of Akane and Kougami (even though I’d fight her for him any day 😉 )

This scene, even though it is very short and sweet, definitely causes my heart to flutter when he apologises that he couldn’t help her when she needed him (mainly because he’s been out of the country since the end of season 1 ).

My Opinion

Giving me a season 3, of 8 hour long episodes what the best gift 2019 could have even given me, I was finishing up my final few weeks at work and Psycho pass 3 gave me something to look forward too every week, this series concluded with another long hour movie titled ‘First Inspector’.

As youtuber Tristan over at Glass reflection (Psycho Pass 3’s Soft Reboot | First Reaction – YouTube) calls it a Soft reboot and that is exactly right!

The series starts with two brand new Inpectors and a brand-new Division 1 team with the additions of Sho Hinakawa (from season 2), Analyst Shion Karanomori and Mika who now Cheif Inspector, who would have thought huh?

The team are sent to investigate a plane crash that housed immigrants from another country, at this moment in time Japan are having troubles with citizenship and hate between nations that we also deal with today.

It so helps the story when Inspector Ingatov and his wife have to go through the same struggles, this gives the story a human backstory instead of a made up scientific world that is Psycho pass.

I also like that like Akane, Arata looks at his enforcers as human beings more than latent criminals, I always like the balance between the two as Ginoza and Akane had there different opinons so do Kei and Arata.

Right from the bat I feel at home the minute the dominators are picked up, the usual music to go with it always had me moving my hands like a robot reminding me of the good old days that was 2013.

What is absolutely great about this 3rd season that we get different cases leading up to one big conspiracy and were always asking questions or trying to piece things together ourselves it almost makes us feel like we’re inspectors too.

Kei and Arata have their own ways of serving the sybil system even breaking the rules too many times to see justice.

BI-Frost and Koichi Azusawa are our main villains this season but what really confuses me was the way they ended at the end of First Inspector, working in the background causing chaos is what they do best.

Now we know from watching all cases they all connect together in some way shape or form and yes an Inspector or BI-Frost is always involved right from the get go.

Fight scenes are the absolute best for this season even better than season one.

Just in episode 2 we see our boys Gino and Kogami fighting off against the new team and then again Kei vs Kogami which had my stomach in knots, this whole series including season 1 has the best fight scenes one could ask for.

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