Wave, Listen to me!: Episode 1 “I’ll Never Forgive You” First Impression

Wave, listen to me! Funimation recently dubbed the series, and Terri Doty was cast as the main character.

Studio Sunrise, which gave us anime like Code Geass, Cowboy Bepop, and most of the Gundam shows, it released in Spring 2020.

Nami yo Kiitekure is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and here provides some insight and my first impression of the first episode.



Minare Koda responds to listener questions on a 3 AM radio talk show while being chased by a bear. The show flashes back to the recent past where Minare vents her feelings about her ex-boyfriend to a man she meets at a bar. The next day, Minare goes back to her job at a restaurant when she finds out the man was a radio producer named Kanetsugu Matou, who left her his business card. During her shift, she hears her own drunken rant broadcast over the radio station, playing on the speakers in the restaurant.

(Source: Wikipedia)


First minute, I was already confused

I was still perplexed until 5 minutes had passed, at which point it all made sense; considering that this anime is based around a radio show, which is essentially what Terri is doing in the booth as well, I applaud Terri and the ADR director (which im trying to find out who is is…)

Honestly all I could hear was necessary rambling and I can talk the pants off people sometimes but this character Minare could best me anytime.

Then we go back in time and meet this guy, I looked at him and in the back of my head I went “Christopher Sabat” and funny enough what voice comes out was Christopher Sabat. I’m starting to feel I’ve got a sense of how Funimation ADR directors pick their voice actors for characters.

(scary huh)

and then I’m back to being confused again, as being a photographer in my life I don’t have that much interest in what happens behind the scenes of a radio show, but anyone that uses their voices for something that people are going to listen to have it rough.

(I praise you voice actors and radio hosts!!)

Terri is ripping into these lines like she owns then (most of this review is going to be one giant dedication to her…) but she only works off on the Japanese Voice actress Riho Sugiyama’s performance which must be just as good as her performance.

what happens after that I assume we go back in time where the two characters meet in a bar as Minare confesses to a stranger about her recent breakup with a guy, only to find out the next day he’s the producer for a radio show.

While at work she starts to hear her voice and immediately remembers the current events of her drunken mishap. Which by the way is totally hilarious, I love Japanese woman who are not afraid to speak their minds.

At the end of the episode you start to realize the whole beginning is starting to make sense, at least I think it does for me at least.

Watch or drop?

for someone who’s looking for something totally different to watch, or to just laugh your heart out to a woman who’s having a total midlife crisis then Wave, Listen to me is defiantly worth the watch, for the most part.

Ill get back to you once I’ve finished the thing to give my updated opinion!

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