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One Piece Stampede


Released: 2019

From One Piece Strong World to One Piece Stampede, the One Piece movies have been trying to up each other in terms of animation, fight scenes and just storylines combined and One Piece Stampede tops Gold that came out in 2016.

Without a further ado, One Piece Stampede.


The world’s greatest exposition of the pirates, by the pirates, for the pirates—the Pirates Festival. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Crew receive an invitation from its host Buena Festa who is known as the Master of Festivities. They arrive to find a venue packed with glamorous pavilions and many pirates including the ones from the Worst Generation. The place is electric.

(Source: ANN)

The Story

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The film starts in the past which brings us back to the present day when the straw hats are invited to the Pirate Festival.

While the festival is going on we see Captian smoker and Tashigi in disguise which doesn’t surprise me since they are in the navy, Interested in a man called ‘Douglas Bullet’ and the mysterious party planner Buena Festa who is supposed to rumoured to be deceased.

I loved the pirate festival idea, we’ve seen a lot of other pirate crews over the years and it was nice to see everyone in one place, playing a game that was supposed to be fun but it wouldn’t be a one piece movie without an overpowered super villain like Douglas Bullet.

When you learn about the treasure Gold Roger left on the island you wonder what it could be, only to learn it’s an eternal pose to the one piece, the island it’s located on as it changed from ‘Raftale’ to ‘laughtale’ doesn’t make much difference but I can see the vaulubility in it.

It wouldn’t be one piece without good fight scenes and good crying scenes, I died when Ussop apologised to Luffy, broke my heart, If Luffy wasn’t who he was, I don’t think Usopp would have joined a pirate crew even though he is a fantastic sniper.

What does annoy me, The Navy most of them train together, they laugh and cry together, but it pissed me off when Smoker had no idea what was going on, that Akinu’s only last resort was a BUSTER CALL which I think was unnecessary!

Both the navy and the pirates have very heavy hitters like the Admirals, but all they do is stand on their boats calling orders, I was never a big fan of Kizaru or Akainu mainly because their massive A-Holes.

Many different sides are trying to get the eternal pose and in all fairness, no one should be allowed to have it and in the end, I’m glad Luffy destroys it as it wouldn’t be much of an adventure for everyone to get the One piece just by cheating, not that this story impacts the storyline in any way as it’s not a canon movie.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
The Worst Generation

I was not surprised to see the worst generation in this film, with the festival of pirates going on, I wasn’t too surprised to see them in the same vicinity (much like the Sabaody arc) Who I was surprised to see was Wapol (drum island arc) and The foxy Pirates (who in my opinion really got on my nerves). It was so nice to see so many familiar faces in this film including Buggy, Boa Hancock, Sabo and Rob Lucci!
And you can’t forget the straw hat grand fleet pirate captains Bartolomeo and Cavendish.

But avid One piece watchers don’t want to hear about the characters that we’ve been watching over the years, One Piece stampede offers us a brand-new bad guy, one that poses a threat both to the Marines and the Pirates, but we ask ourselves why are we only we getting a glimpse of a powerful adversary now?

Douglas Bullet

Douglas Bullet was voiced by the Fantastic daman mills who this role has been his best so far even though he voiced Tanaka (One piece gold). Douglas was a crew member of the Gold Rogers crew which added to the fear to the movie but since he’s only a canon character and no way
impacts the main storyline of One piece he is a fantastic villain!

His entire character build is fantastic, he is almost as tall as a giant which makes me ask what the hell kind of training he put himself through?
What he did remind me of when it came to his final boss fight, his ability reminded me so much of the final boss fight in ‘My hero academia Tale of two heroes’ when Wolfram (voice by Keith Silverstein)

Tale of Two heros

Fight Scenes

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One Piece stampede has some wonderful fight scenes, the ones that stood out the most was

  • Zoro vs Fujitora
  • The worst generation vs bullet
  • The team vs Bullett
Zoro Vs Fujitora

Now I have to be honest, I’m only following the dub so that means I’m only at the start of the dressrosa arc, so I don’t know much of How strong Fujitora is but since he’s an admiral and how he can keep his own against Zoro who was basically trained by the greatest swordsman Mihawk but to bring down a meteorite is amazing in his own rights and I wonder why he wasn’t present for the battle at marineford.

It was a fantastic fight that ended in a draw

The Worst Generation vs Bullet

It really hasn’t been since the sabaody arc that we haven’t seen the worst generation all in one place and let me say it was a wonderful fight, sadly ending in a loss for our favourite pirates.

dispite the loss it was great to watch this scene, it had been two years since any of them had been in the same place but It was also great to see how much each of them had powered up especially Kidd .

The Big Team up

Smoker, Law, Buggy, Luffy, Sabo, Luci, Boa (Missing Croccodile)

One of the best team up’s I have ever seen, excluding Buggy of course because he actually never did anything impressive and I always see him as a hinderance more than help.

Getting pirates, Warlords, Revolutionarys, Cipher pol and the Navy to team up together is just Luffy’s super power to bring people together

Team up video

Like every character Luffy has gone up against, he has lost but in the end, he always wins and somehow manages to master something new, I believe his fight with Dolfamingo during the dressrosa arc levelled Luffy up so much It wasn’t right for Luffy to lose at the end of this movie but tbh that would have made a very different ending.

What was great about this team-up was Sabo, we met him during the dressrosa arc and it led him to take the flame flame fruit and inheriting Ace’s will, we have seen him in Gold using his new power keeping Cypher pol from the action and this is where Luffy finally gets to fight with his brother he had thought he had lost for so long

My Overall opinion

What I absolutely love about this movie is that we get everyone in one place, everyone we’ve ever met and loved all in one movie, I really hope we have more movies like this one.

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