Beastars- Episode 1 “The Moon and the Beast”

**Spoilers ahead**

In the honor of season 2 being released on Netflix, I decided to re-watch season 1 and In honor of Season 1 I will be giving you my thoughts about the show through these series of episode reviews.

If you haven’t watched this series before I highly recommend you do before reading this

let the show commence!

As I re-watch the first ever episode, it reminds me how I was able to binge this show in basically a day, Right off the bat we get scenes that have emotion in them, fear and asking our self’s what’s going to happen next??

This scene, had chills going down my spine, after reading the synopsis for the first time and hearing about the Carnivore’s vs herbivorous thing I was really excited to see something way cool, not like a Centaurs Life that came out a while back, this was the real deal.

And now that I know who in fact is the killer, its pretty obvious when you look back at it now (at least for me anyways)

fear is a irrational thing, but to these guys its all they have to survive, but it saddens to know that a death could mean the destruction of something the drama club has been able to accomplish something better than one type of species vs another, but I guess this is what gives Beastars its charm.

I have to admit, at first, I thought legoshi was a psycho, I mean just look at him, Of course this is what the show wants us to see…

He’s such a sweetie, giving the letter to her, telling her not to worry about the rumors about him, but I get it, everyone fears him because they think he’s the big bad wolf

Louis, such a douche bag

Haru, besides Legoshi, I wasn’t sure about her voice actor at the beginning but now that I re-watch, Lara Miller voices her brilliantly, just as I got to know Jonah Scott’s voice for the first time and much like Damien Mills has been climbing my favorite voice actors list slowly and slowly over the last year.

She’s such a defiant bunny, I like it!

This scene was sad, I was bullied at school but I never got anything like this, I guess the herbivores aren’t all as innocent as they lead themselves to be

This scene totally caught me off guard, I must say Beastars has some great animation, Louis is still a douche bag thou, how dare you treat someone this way.

Now this was something I wasn’t expecting… GO LEGOSHI!!

and then were right back the beginning, giving some kind of context to the first scene and I think from this moment on, I fell in love with this fantastic anime

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